Segmentation for Offers and Room Upgrades

GuestJoy allows you to segment, or target, your offers by the guest's room category * - so that a particular offer is displayed only to guests with the selected room category/categories in the Pre-arrival email and on the Concierge page. This concerns primarily Room Upgrades but is not limited to this type of offers, you can set up the Segmentation for any regular offer too.

Note: for the Room Upgrades, it is possible to select the same segment (room category) for multiple Room Upgrade options, so that, for example, you can promote an upgrade to Suite room to both Standard and Superior room categories. However, if you want the price of the upgrade to be different for different room categories (e.g. Standard to Suite has one price and Superior to Suite has another), you would need to Duplicate the original Room Upgrade first, and then to set different prices and target segments for the two Room Upgrades that you get.

To set up the Segmentation for a Room Upgrade or an Offer:

Go to Concierge > Room Upgrades (or Concierge > Offers) and click on the Edit button on the right-hand side of an offer or a Room Upgrade.
In the Segmentation drop-down at the bottom of the General info tab, select all the applicable room categories to which you would like to promote the offer or the Room Upgrade. You can select multiple categories.
Click Save to save your segmentation choice.

* Your PMS/Channel Manager must have a data field for room category and send it to GuestJoy with the reservation data.

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