Feature Overview

Campaigns are a great way to encourage your existing customers to book directly or to promote any special or seasonal offers your hotel might launch. You can use the guest information that is already in GuestJoy or import your own Excel file with an email list. With our email builder, you can customise all aspects of your campaign email design on your own.

How to create a campaign

Create a list of email subscribers.
Create a campaign draft.
Create an email list for the campaign.
Send the campaign message to this email list.

Creating a list of email subscribers

Email subscribers are the people who had given consent (according to the GDPR regulation) and agreed to receive promotional and other communications from your hotel. 

In GuestJoy, the GDPR consent question can be asked in Concierge whenever a guest orders something, sends a special request or fills in the registration card (Check-in form). You can enable the GDPR consent checkbox in Concierge > Concierge settings.

Note: the GDPR consent is crucial if you want to build up your email Campaigns database from the guest reservations imported into GuestJoy - all the guests who have ticked the GDPR consent box can be safely turned into email subscribers for Campaigns, thus such guests are automatically converted into email subscribers in your GuestJoy account.

You can also create a list of email subscribers manually by exporting your existing guests' data from the Guests section (click on the Export button in the bottom of the guest list) and then import the Excel file under Campaigns > Import Subscribers:

You can also upload your own Excel file with the list of email subscribers, and map your document's columns with GuestJoy system fields (First name, Last name, Email, Language).

Creating a Campaign draft and adding an Email list for the Campaign

Open Campaigns, enter your Campaign Description and Subject, and click on Edit template button to open the Campaign template editor. There you can edit and customize all the content and visual aspects of your Campaign message:

Then you'll need to create an Email list from the Email Subscribers you've imported in the previous step using a set of filters (based on the guests' language, check-in or check-out date, reservation created date or source):

Click on Manage Lists in the Campaign editor.
Click on Save and Proceed (to save your current Campaign draft).
Click Add Email List.
Your current List of Subscribers will be opened. If you want to apply some filters to your List, click Add filter.
You can add multiple filters by clicking on the Add filter button.
Select filters, click Apply Filter and then Select all by filter. You can also manually check individual Subscribers to include them into the list.
Give your Email list a name and click Save changes.

That's it! You can now go back to your Campaign Editor and send the campaign message when you're ready. You can first send the campaign to your own email address (or multiple email addresses separated by comma) by clicking on the Send Test email button. To send the campaign to everybody in the Email list, click on Send Email.

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