TourDesk is a comprehensive tour-booking service for hotels, hostels, and guesthouses. GuestJoy's integration with TourDesk allows you to display your Tours and Activities from TourDesk on your hotel's Mobile Concierge page, enabling your guests to book the most relevant local tours and activities from the Concierge.

To enable the TourDesk integration in GuestJoy, please do the following:

Open Concierge > Concierge Settings in the GuestJoy app.
Under Activities, select TourDesk and deselect Viator.
Click Save.
A field for the TourDesk API key will appear. Please copy the TourDesk API key from your TourDesk account (under Portal > API Setup).
Insert the API key into the field and click Save.

That's it! Your activities from TourDesk will be loaded almost immediately on the Concierge page, directly under your hotel's Offers.

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