Implementation Guide

We recommend taking the following steps to get GuestJoy up and running for your Property:

  1. Review Management:
    1. Edit the Post-stay email template (under Emails > Post-stay email).
    2. Make sure that your hotel's TripAdvisor ID & URL are correct (under Feedback > Settings).
  2. Upsell:
    1. Edit the Welcome text (Concierge > Welcome text).
    2. Edit the Pre-arrival email template (Emails > Pre-arrival email).
    3. Add Offers and Room Upgrades in Concierge > Offers and Concierge > Room upgrades (make sure to set the Segmentation as needed).
    4. Add Additional services (Concierge > Additional services).
    5. Add Directions (Concierge > Directions).
    6. Choose Activities to be displayed in Concierge > Concierge settings (Viator or Tourdesk).
    7. Make sure to upload high-quality images (ideally, at least a part of them should be depicting your hotel) to Offers, Room Upgrades, Concierge header and Email templates' headers. Choose your Concierge page colour theme and the default currency for Offer prices (in Concierge > Concierge settings).
  3. Configure email addresses under Settings > Emails.
  4. Custom domain: if you'd like to use your own domain, please ask your IT department to set up the following:
    DNS CNAME record – ->
  5. Enable the needed languages under Settings > General and translate the content into these languages as needed. We may be able to help you with translations to certain languages that our team speaks - please let us know if you'd be interested in this!
  6. Training:
    1. How GuestJoy works.
    2. How the Offers will appear to your guests.
    3. How to set up your account nicely for the best results and performance.
  7. Test everything (Concierge appearance, Offers, sending emails).
  8. Send us a request to activate the service when you're ready.

To start using GuestJoy, having a PMS solution implemented is recommended but not required. Most properties can start using the service by just entering guest data manually during night hours. Later a direct sync with PMS can be added. For such an integration please let us know your PMS provider and we will proceed based on this information (we may already have integration with this PMS or we will get in touch with the PMS provider to create a new integration).

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