The Dashboard is the first thing you see when logging in to GuestJoy.

This view is a sort of Central Information Hub where you can see all your guest related activity in one place and in real time. Most of the elements and events on the Dashboard are actionable so you can click on them and see the event details.

Here are the main sections of the Dashboard:

Main Upsell & Review related performance metrics of your hotel for the past 7 days.
Live activity stream showing all the latest actions (such as orders, special requests, concierge views, reviews and survey answers) of your guests in real time. Click on any event to open the corresponding guest details.
Notifications from GuestJoy, including product updates and system notifications.
The latest TripAdvisor review left by your hotel's guest. You can click on the review to open it in TripAdvisor.
The recent orders and feedback from your guests. You can click on each individual order or feedback to see the details.


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